About IBO

The Independent Billboard Operators is a professional organization that consists of like-minded regional billboard operators that function in a collective and cooperative manner.   We operated under a different name for decades and associates decided to change the organization’s name in 2009 to best reflect the style and feel of our operators.  We developed a rather aggressive marketing plan that includes:

  1. Teach advertisers the benefits of outdoor advertising
  2. Market the depth of our regional offerings to advertisers and
  3. Create a cooperative atmosphere of asset, collateral and information sharing

We communicate and share information via the “operator associates” side of this website as well as two conferences annually in different cities hosted by our associates.  We also communicate regularly via normal communications about new developments, issues and advertising topics.

IBOUSA participation may be available to independent billboard operators in areas we have no coverage or in situations that benefit from increased exposure in certain market conditions, as determined by the collective will of our group.  We also have a limited number of vendor-associates who participate with us and keep us on the cutting edge of technology and new practices, while we give them direct access to our operator associates whereby they have the ability to provide special pricing or services.

Curious about participating with our organization?  Visit our Contact Us page.


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