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Outdoor Advertising Property Owners – Benefits of Leasing

As a landowner, your primary objective is to maximize the value of your property.  Our Outdoor Advertising Company members can help you maximize that effort by adding additional income and value to your existing property without disrupting your original plan for its use.

We can provide the knowledge and resources needed to make this a smooth, rewarding, and profitable business venture. We have helped many landowners enjoy the benefits of having one of our member’s advertising sign located on their property.

Whether you’re looking for additional income to cover current overhead expenses, property taxes, or an alternative means to save for the future, please consider a billboard partnership with one of our Outdoor Advertising members.

Property Owner Benefits


100% Cash Flow providing additional income to help offset current operating costs, while increasing your borrowing power and overall value of your property. The billboard requires minimal ground space, approximately four feet in diameter, without disrupting the property’s primary use.

Billboards add value to your property in the event of a sale or condemnation. In addition the billboard displays are illuminated and provide additional nighttime security to your business or tenants.  Billboards can bring exposure to your property with their bold, colorful and eye-catching messages.

We manage and oversee the entire project, including sign applications, permits, and installation.  Our professional experience will ensure that the process is safe, professional, and completed on time.

We will research your property making sure it’s an eligible billboard site according to local and state ordinances.  We will determine the advertising potential and present you with a standard ground lease proposal. Upon execution, of the ground lease, we apply for all permits.  Upon approval of all necessary permits, we order the fabrication of the billboard structure and hire the crews to professionally install the sign. Once sign and utilities final inspections are complete, the ground lease is initiated.



How much annual income could I receive?
Annual revenues are determined on a site-by-site basis and depend on many of the following variables:

  • Size of advertising display
  • Number of advertising display faces
  • Visibility to the display faces
  • Traffic counts on route advertising displays are visible to
  • Supply and demand of existing billboards and advertisers in the market area

How much property does the Outdoor Advertising Company need to install the billboard structure?

In most cases no more than 48 inches in diameter is required to install the billboard structure.

How long is the billboard ground lease agreement?

Standard lease term is 20 years.

Will the advertising conflict with my existing business / tenant use?

No. We will not place any advertising that competes with your on-site use. The added benefit of having the advertising display on your property is the control of the competitive advertising.  Outdoor Advertising Company will gladly move the structure to an auxiliary position on the property to allow your primary use of the property to be maximized.

How long does it take to install the billboard structure?
Most billboard structure installations take 4 to 7 days.

Who pays for the electricity to illuminate the advertising displays?
The Outdoor Advertising Company pays the monthly fees directly to the power company. The added illumination to the advertising display serves as an added security benefit to the buildings on the leased premises.


Who pays for insurance on the billboard?
The Outdoor Advertising Company maintains, at it’s own cost and expense, a general liability insurance policy.

Who is responsible for obtaining permits and governmental approvals to construct the billboard?
The Outdoor Advertising Company handles the entire process, including obtaining all necessary permits to erect the billboard structure.

Who handles maintenance of the advertising displays?
There is very little maintenance involved with billboard structures.  However, the Outdoor Advertising Company shall keep the advertising displays in good operating condition and handle all repairs for the duration of the lease term.

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