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IBO Info Packet

About Our Organization

Our network of business professionals emerged a few decades ago and combined efforts with common ties as independent business operators, mostly from smaller rural and suburban markets.  Challenged by our size and access to resources, contacts and ideas, we created an organization whereby we helped each other out, not dissimilar to the old ways that our great country was born, by neighbors helping neighbors.

<<<<  Watch our videos that answer the most common questions.

Over time we have grown to be a fun, innovative and influential group of business entrepreneurs and companies, centered around the world of marketing and exchanging ideas of technology, operations and sales.  We each have resources, products and services that operators may benefit from, and this site attempts to coordinate a wide variety of interests.

Our primary networking tool is our semi-annual conference whereby the owners and key people in our Associate Companies meet to discuss the topics of concern.  Active IBOUSA Associates will need to Login in with their credentials to learn of the dates and details of future conferences.

We have recently extended our access to our services to a broader spectrum of independent billboard operators.  See the detail on our IBO Market Club page.

Feel free to reach out and Contact Us – we have a team of professionals at our national headquarters that will assist you with any questions.

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