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Select Presentations

This section will feature a few select presentations from each conference.  This will be a benefit for those that were not able to attend and for our IBO Market Club Affiliates.  We can’t include all of them but if there is demand, we might be able to make a bundle of videos available for say the price of attending the conference.  Please let us know if  you have that interest for our further evaluation.

Savannah GA Spring 2019

Our spring Savannah Conference seemed to hurdle the high bar set at our inflection point from the Columbus Conference whereby our group embraced the experience and knowledge of some of our industry leaders.  We invited the operations folks at Lamar who feel strongly to share their successes in the operational world with everyone in the industry.  Putting any selling differences aside, we must focus on building a better environment to capture the business going blindly to online and mobile.  IBO COOP firmed up our Go Live status with Adomni and Vistar Media and introduced the concept of automating the historically traditional world of RFPs.   Enjoy some of the presentations and plan to attend Memphis in the fall.

We are slowly learning how to improve our video quality and publication skills, and welcome any expertise that may be laying in the weeds from either our seasoned associates or new affiliates.  Each conference we have both setbacks and accomplishments.  Thank you for your understanding!

Columbus Fall 2018

Our Columbus Conference was an inflection point for our group whereby we embraced the experience and knowledge of some of our industry leaders.  Andy Sriubas, CCO of Outfront was a surprise guest who spoke to data standardization and cooperating to increase industry buy.  We also introduced the Media Rating Council with an eye-opening presentation from George Ivie the MRC President.  We also had an introduction to DSP programmatic buyers Adomni and Vistar who have aligned with our IBO COOP Marketing effort.  

We apologize for the poor audio quality, we had a technical setting wrong for the entire conference and didn’t realize it until we got to production.  We will have this rectified going forward.

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