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General Manager

Chris Cowlbeck is the general manager of the IBOUSA and coordinates the direction of the networking group as it relates to technology and activities. As the main cat herder, he fields all inbound inquiries and coordinates the interests of the Operator, Vendor and Consultant Associates as well as the various services and products available through the IBO Market Center.  This position is an unpaid endeavor to best grow the group to operate at a not-for-profit basis, with the best interests of the operators held firmly in the forefront.  This culture is what has made the IBOUSA what we all enjoy today.

Chris started out his career in the family real estate operation, graduated from OU in Construction Science, then moved in to heavy construction as a chief conceptual estimator in Oklahoma City.  After the Penn Square debacle and oil bust in the early 80’s he became a project engineer for a construction company on a high rise building in Phoenix after which he was the property manager of the twin office buildings, Renaissance Square.  In 1990 he decided to return to Ardmore to run the family real estate operation, mortgage and home construction efforts, during which time he grew an outdoor company, LOOK Billboards, with a grade school friend which he continues to manage today as well as being the Managing Broker Owner for the realty company founded by his English mother Maureen.

Chris has a wife Susan and two daughters, McKenzie and Caitlin who have both left home and pursuing carriers in the medical world, although he hopes one day for them to take an interest in the billboard operations.  Chris enjoys being outdoors and spends spare time improving quail habitat at his family ranch, raising a fleet of bird dogs and fly fishing whenever he can fit it in.

Business Development Manager

Prior to joining IBO, Scot McArtor worked in out of home advertising over 30 years, with positions in sales, real estate , local and corporate management. He has been fortunate to work with many great people at several companies including Street Media Group, Signal Outdoor, NextMedia Outdoor, Advantage Outdoor, Universal Outdoor and Turner Outdoor.  

Scot lives in Tampa Florida, along with his family.

Executive Assistant

Carrie Dodd is here to help with almost anything and she’s our resident cat whisperer.  Her career began in Austin, Texas and she spent time in Scottsdale, Arizona and Plano, Texas before settling in Ardmore, Oklahoma where she coordinates our conference logistics, assists Chris with the cats and makes almost anything possible for our associates.  She started with IBOUSA in December 2015 and plans to be with us for a long time.

She attended Texas Christian University and Texas Wesleyan on full academic scholarships before starting a family and currently lives with her grown daughter and adorable young granddaughter, which is why she leaves early enough to prepare afternoon snacks every day. After managing a chain of home decorating stores in Austin, she moved into to the tech industry and has the credentials to be a training facilitator, certified project manager or server administrator in the IT world. You can see the places she’s worked on her LinkedIn profile and witness her passion for design on the IBOUSA Facebook page or by becoming part of the Design Blast group. Many of the communications you receive from us will originate from her and she’s always happy to help or direct you to the proper contact.

Operations & Production

Daron Henry adds a passion to the team for helping people anyway he can.  He worked in law enforcement for the past 25 years, including rappelling out of helicopters as a narcotics officer, being a K-9 officer, a SWAT commander, an investigator and worked the streets (not that kind of street work).  Daron has a loyalty that truly provides a huge value to the group and a keen ability to see things from a simple perspective.  He runs a security consulting operation and will assist with the application process, videos and software processes, and help in proof of performance in the IBO Coop Marketing program.  And he can most certainly can herd some cats!

Daron is an alumni of The University of Oklahoma – Boomer Sooner!   He has a wife Rhonda and son Camron daughter Courtney, and the family lives in the countryside of Ardmore.  He enjoys taking cruises, habitat management, quail hunting,and watching bird dogs work.  Oh, while doing all that I like to have furn!  

Finance & Accounting

Jerrod Hall graduated from University of Central Oklahoma with a BBA degree in Finance.  He worked as a revenue accountant for 14 years at Noble Energy, a large energy company with roots in Ardmore, who relocated the Ardmore functions to Houston in 2015.  Since then, I have transitioned into operating my family owned landscaping and lawn service companies.

Jerrod has consulted part time since October of 2016 and is involved with the organization in an accounting role since then and will share his expertise with others in the future.

Jerrod is a long time resident of Oklahoma and has lived in Ardmore since 2000.  He has a wife Sara and four children, Madelyn, William, Benjamin, Christopher.  In his spare time he enjoys OKC Thunder basketball, reading, camping, or an occasional duck hunt.

Conference & Tech Support

Chad Keller is our cameraman and tech coordinator at conference and does telephone work, helps with operations and working toward helping in the Marketing Center.  He also is an account executive for LOOK Billboards and coordinates posting work orders and field operations.

He also helps Chris at the ranch doing habitat management work, running quail hunts and working the bird dogs for quail hunting. He loves the outdoors with his my main passion is to be waiting on that big Buck to walk by during deer season.

Chad is a team player and helps out any way we ask him.  Chad has a wife Kailee and two children, Harley-Paige and Xavier.  One of his favorite fun OKIE phrases is… “Don’t get me to lyin!”


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