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IBO Market Club Application

for Billboard Operator Companies

Note: There is an annual $150 fee to offset administrative costs of providing the various services for our community.  This will be invoiced soon after submittal.

  • Need not necessarily the President or Owner, but typical.
  • Use abbreviations where possible for brevity on badges.
  • For Badge Name - Short Version
  • Legal Name
  • We need a good picture of you for our directory and to accompany the application. This will only be available to our Associates.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, Max. file size: 2 MB.
  • Please provide a PNG (transparent background preferred) or JPG logo file. Ideal size is 500K up to several MB. You can use an online screenshot app like https://screenshot.net/ if you need to.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 5 MB.
  • Please enter a direct line number if you have one.
  • Extension number
  • We will rarely use this, but handy when special situations arise after hours.
  • The email address that you check most regularly for notices, opportunities, etc.
  • Like: 20 years, started on my own. Or: 20 years, 10 with Lamar, then 5 with XYZ Outdoor, 5 with my current company.
  • Use the state abbreviations like this OK TX AR MO
  • A Designated Market Area or a DMA is a geographic area that represents specific television markets as defined by and updated annually by the Nielsen Company and used by ad agencies that send RFPs to us.
  • One Number only. Include together Juniors, Posters and Bulletins.
  • Just the actual faces - One Number only. Not the number of slots in a minute. IE - 8 slots counts as 1 face.
  • Like: 5 Daktronics, 3 Formetco, 2 Watchfire
  • One Number only. Not slots on the faces, the three count as one.
  • Combine and include together all bus benches, bus shelters, walls, transit, hot spots, wild postings, etc.
  • Like: 1 Sales AE, 1 Bookkeeper, 1 Posting Crew, 1 Designer
  • Like: Sales Force, Billboard Planet, Ayuda, Ad Manager, Excel sheets, Quickbooks Online, Sage, etc.
  • IE - Sales Videos, FlyBy Videos, Collective Marketing, Traffic Counting, Work Flow solutions, etc.
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