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Three high school seniors juried-in from PA & NC…full adult benefits plus ArtPop Scholarship!
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The ArtPop Mission: Exposure

ArtPop is quite literally a street gallery. As an official 501C3 non-profit organization since August 2015, ArtPop promotes the work of local artists on available media space…billboards, buses, new racks, airport…and turn roads, highways and thoroughfares into opportunities for artistic appreciation and discovery…all on over 17 million dollars in ad space.

Since 2014, ArtPop has introduced over 300 artists to their communities by having a presence in 14 from Nevada to Pennsylvania…and they are always looking for new cities.

ArtPop’s founder is Wendy Hickey out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Not only does the “Fairy Art Mother” have a huge love for artists, but she wanted to inspire communities with the art they produce.

Artist Emily Berger with her art displayed thanks to ArtPop Street Gallery!

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