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Three high school seniors juried-in from PA & NC…full adult benefits plus ArtPop Scholarship!
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ArtPop Testimonials: Operators

Chris Cowlbeck, LOOK Billboards, Ardmore, OK  “We have been running a full slate of the ArtPOP artists for over 6 months on a rotary basis in a special playlist in our digital player that sprinkles the wonderful designs throughout our network.  We have had a lot of positive comments on how good they look and how much people enjoy them as a nice mix to the typical ads seen.”

ArtPop Testimonials: Artists

Kevin Marion, ArtPop Triad Artist/Alum  “I can’t say enough about ArtPop Street Gallery or its founder, Wendy Hickey! She has created such a wonderful program for local artists. But not just for the artists because once the art is selected and the billboard installations complete the entire community benefits from the huge expanse of incredible beauty presented on the interstates, streets and sidewalks that people populate so often and regularly. It is so amazing to see a beautiful piece of art in the place of what would be a blank empty scar that is an unused billboard. When I was fortunate enough to win a spot in the North Carolina Triad’s 2016 program it was an energetic jolt into my artistic efforts that could not be matched. What a thrill to see Cylinders 7 at that scale, 48’ wide… Incredible!!! Thank you so much ArtPop Street Gallery and Wendy Hickey!!” 


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