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Delaney Lake Lodge

(These pages are still under construction as the fishers send in their photos and videos…)

Our GM Chris Cowlbeck has fished Canadian waters for over 15 years and when the opportunity arose to put an IBO trip together in 2019, a total of 18 fishers rose to the occasion.  Delaney Lake Lodge is about a 4 hour drive north of International Fall (if you could drive there, but float plane required!) and sits on a crystal clear lake nestled in the glacier cut granite that is the home to walleye, lake trout, northern pike, musky and small mouth bass.  The lodge overlooks the lake and offers a 2 minute portage over to the English River system which runs for dozens of miles through bear, moose and bald eagle territory, with the off citing of wolves.  Take a peek at the pictures of the lifetime large fish caught in this area and some of the comments from the participants.

Photo & Video Galleries

On the Road Again – The journey from Minneapolis, through I-Falls to Nestor Falls then on a float plane to the Lodge.
The Lodge – Picturesque setting with scenic views and reaching pines on an English garden setting.

Delaney Lake Lodge & Scenery
Travel Adventure
Shore Lunch

Northern Pike
Small Mouth Bass (soon?)
Lake Trout
Muskellunge (Musky)
Abandoned Ball Lake Lodge

What the Fishers Said…..

Barry Cramer, Southern Outdoor – Trip is miles above any expectations, the staff and fishing were simply remarkable!

Ben Shugart, Saben Outdoor –  This trip blew away my expectations, the staff and guides were fantastic! I ended up catching 53 fish in three and a half days. We can’t wait to come back next year.

Bobby Fountain, Saben Outdoor – Awesome food, great start, great guides! Wasn’t on my bucket list but should have been. Memories of a lifetime.

Chris Adams, Formetco –  Greatest place on earth! The lodge and its staff were exceptional!

Chris Odom, Productivity Fabricators –  I thought I was going to be roughing it and eating fish for every meal but that was not the case. It is like a 5 star hotel with top notch service and meals. I probably gained ten pounds. #BucketList

Glenn McGann, Selective Structures –  I thought this year was going to be a great fishing trip, but I was wrong it has been an adventure of a lifetime!

Jerry Bowen, Southern Outdoor – From the service of the lodge staff & guides to the beauty of the area….it was as good as it gets!

Jim McIntyre, Southern Outdoor –  The lodge has an incredible and professional staff. The setting is spectacular and exotic, the fishing guides run the like a finely tuned precision machine. Not one thing was in any way disappointing.

Jon Odom, Productivity Fabricators –  The scenery & fishing were great. I was most impressed with the organization of the lodge operation, everyone knew what to do and how to do it to make the stay great.

Matt Leech, Formetco –  What an incredible few days of fishing, and the services is even better!

Pat O’Donnell, YESCO Outdoor –  Staff and service were extraordinary, my expectations were definitely exceeded.

Terry Carmody, Integration Media – A tremendous experience! The entire staff was extremely accommodating and welcoming, the guides were great as well as the rooms and food!

Toni Galleger, Sparta Crane – Full service, full of fun, and one of a kind of fishing trip. Definitely not gonna miss next year.

Daron Henry, IBOUSA – Great scenery, great hospitality and great fishing! 

Daron Henry, IBOUSA – Great scenery, great hospitality and great fishing! 

Anonymous – Came to be with family and ended up being with a bigger family, both friends and employees caught more fish in 4 days than almost my entire life. Ate food that would top the best resorts in the world, a wonderful time.



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