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The Wingate brothers

IBO Associates

We are primarily a networking group of independent billboard operators, not to be confused with a trade organization, trade show or lobbying organization and don’t intend to replace the terrific value of local and state outdoor associations.  As such, we do touch a number of companies and we have invited some vendors, consultants, agencies and advertisers to become associates.

Our group focus is to be an industry advocate for independent operators on a not-for-profit basis and as such, we are slowly growing based on our resources and future commitments.  We however, are unable to include every company that has an interest in participating, and have an application process which helps us evaluate our growth.  We are limited to a small increase of companies at each conference, but we anticipate some other avenues of beneficial services and activities that will appeal to a wide portion of our sector in the very near future.  We do appreciate your interest, so contact us for more information.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please Contact Us.



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