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Apparatix Media Solutions has been our software consultant for several years and with their experience of over a decade of serving the billboard community with superior service and support, we are excited to have them developing tools and processes to make our daily management more efficient and to allow us to better compete in the any marketplace.  Apparatix is also the core engine for our COOP Marketing Program.

They have robust solutions for the largest operations, that have been field tested for many years and many operators all across the country.  Whether you have complex integration issues with shared accounting systems with parent companies or complex digital sales programs along with a variety of manufacturer platforms, Apparatix most likely has a customization solution for you.

IBO has a special group rate for a specialized version of Apparatix that dovetails into our cooperative efforts for small and medium sized operations and that provides a real estate leasing module for managing percentage rents and the most commonly needed functions.  

We also have a lite version, IBO Fuze.  Give us a call and we can arrange an introduction and answer your questions from an operator-user perspective.


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