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Benefits of Affiliation

While being an IBOUSA Operator Associate is the goal for many operators to enjoy, the demand and growth metrics are simply difficult to ramp up as quickly as people would wish – we are trying.  Some operators will not immediately be able to satisfy the application requirements until a future time and the group recognizes that there are many benefits for extending services to the broad class of independent billboard operators within reason.  This IBO Market Club has been created to share some of the benefits and efforts while applications are in process and give those affiliated a chance to learn and grow with a different set of events designed to mingle a variety of interests.

The IBO Market Club isn’t much different than Sam’s Club.  There is a small annual administrative fee which gives you special access to many of the things that IBOUSA Associates enjoy in our secured website community.  We have a simple application and a basic requirement of obtaining sponsorships from one existing Operator Associate and one existing Vendor Associate. Simply Contact Us with your interest and we will coordinate a quick phone call and send you an application.  Once approved, you will be able to participate in these areas as well:

  • Invitation to technical and other special events
  • Voluntary participation in our cooperative collective marketing platform if you choose
  • Opportunity to subscribe to various simplified a la cart versions of the management software we champion
  • Access to training services and programs
  • Ability to buy from our group plan for Ad Mobilize | Smartlink traffic count program
  • Ability to license our various videos for use in your sales efforts

The only significant thing that you would NOT be able to participate in would be our networking conferences held twice yearly.

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