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IBOUSA Operator Associates

Billboard operators are who began this group many years ago, with a primary focus on how to make themselves better, to help each other and to best compete with much larger companies.  We have forged life long friendships where we vacation, fish, hunt together and can reach out to consult with each other virtually at any time.  If this is the type of organization you represent, we would love to get to know you.  

We have an application process to evaluate our associates.  Some of the determining factors we consider include:

  • Primary Owner Operator with 5 years of billboard business experience
  • Applicant Operator Company with 5 years of recent billboard operation
  • Have managed at least 25 traditional faces during times above
  • Not be exclusively or predominantly digital operations
  • Secure at least two active Operator Associates as application sponsors
  • Participation in local billboard associations
  • Community and Outreach Activities

Navigate to our Our Operator Associates area to see where each company does business.  Applicant Operators may also consider our IBO Market Club channel that offers various services and benefits to the class of independent billboard operators.

Please contact us for more information and also realize that may be slower than normally anticipated.

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