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  1. We take your creative or sketch to get you the quote.

  2. Then we move forward with the physical mini sculpture to map out how it should look 3D this is so we can get on the same page with the client. They can make as many changes as they want it wont cost anything but time on the project.

  3. Once the Mini Sculpture as been approved that’s when we move on to Air Sculpture. You can make as many changes as you would like at this step as well until we get it right and no cost but time on the project. You should always view the Air Sculpture as you would in the field take steps back from the screen.

  4. Once everything has been approved on your end we finish up and go through the process of attachment to the vinyl.

keep in mind it will be seen from a distance and at higher speeds.

To Schedule your time wisely keep in mind it will take 7-8 weeks for the full process to be compete. Keep this in mind for the approval process on the sculpture and air sculpture.

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