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IBO Speedway

Many years ago we began an effort to cooperatively combine our billboard avails in an effort to attempt to make the buying process easier for regional, state and national advertisers.  Over time as we grew, the process of managing became more challenging with the tens of thousands of faces our group now represents.  In late 2014 we began the process of using a cloud based solution to manage our plants and has now evolved into the IBO COOP Cloud SPEEDWAY today, and replaces the IBO COOP Marketplace brand as there was far too much confusion with different platforms using the common word “Marketplace”.  IBO’s focus is not particularly that we are “a” marketplace, rather we are the pathway to easily get to the various “markets”.

While we began including the faces of our Operator Associates, we now may include the operators in the class of independent billboard operators via our IBO Market Club and can include any workflow solution to automate the process.  The companies that utilize our workflow solutions also benefit from being automated to our cloud core engine that provides many other benefits.  We are well on our way to the evolution of a streamlined solution to reduce millions of keystrokes for our IBO users and partners and replacing the RFP (Request for Proposal) with the RFO (Request for Offer) with our systematically update pricing and availability.

For details on how the program works, please Contact Us if you are an Agency or Advertiser.  Operator Associates and IBO Market Club Affiliates may Log In for the IBO Speedway Details.

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