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Associates, we will have live training at conferences to show you how this works and the results from current live testing.  Check back on this page for future videos and instructional material.

Billboard Alerts

LIVE TESTING NOW!    Launching Soon!

Billboard Insider Launch Story Feb 23, 2018 

IBO now exclusively offers Billboard Alerts postcard-sending service to the OOH industry and is a great way to automate a renewal campaign to notify nearby business owners that directionally make sense for our sign.  The process is very affordably priced and takes very little effort.  IBO processes the details for you and can be included in your Apparatix and IBO Fuze Sales workflow solutions.

Pricing – IBOUSA Associates and IBO Market Club Affiliates have special pricing as part of our partnership with Billboard Alerts.  Click the Learn More splat to login and review the pricing and how the details work.

If you would like to get on the list to begin please contact us for more information Contact Us.

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