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Many consider this media focus to be the Cornerstone of a proven marketing plan for a very good reason.  The target audience is out of home and a majority of purchases are done out of home, even with the introduction of cyber shopping.  Many of the decisions folks make may be impacted during the last few minutes of the trip to the store, and a well placed, well designed campaign ad, will deliver a message to a targeted, local audience, on their way to you to do business.

Couple this with the reality that the cost per showing is the lowest in the media industry, being many times just pennies a showing.  Validity of the statistics is not challenged as traffic counts are the core of determining our industry’s showings, and we all can easily find the busiest intersection, most traveled corridor or route to a favorite venue.  Getting a definition from the online community of “what’s an impression” is actually difficult and many times misleading.  One of our industry trade organizations determined that only 8% of online advertising is actually seen by humans.

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