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First Thought in Marketing

What the industry calls “top of mind” or “first thought” is a simple concept, missed by most everyone.  It’s actually fun to experiment with folks to see what truly is their first thought, what comes to mind immediately, when a key word is said to them.  So let’s play.

Red Ball.  

Two simple words.  What now comes to your mind right now?  Describe the picture on a piece of paper right now.  Describe as completely as you can.

Now that you’ve done this, go to your spouse, kids, parents, friends or co-workers.  Ask them the same thing and ask them to write down their descriptions.  You’ll be amazed at what comes back to you.  The phenomenon is the most basic way for us to explain to you how our wonderful minds work.  We are visual, and store an enormous amount of imagery in our memories.  Some good, some bad, some beautiful, some ugly.  Learn more about how your consumers’ minds work and you will discover the fun surrounding what most feel is the drudgery of their business.  Learn what they love and give them what they love.  Entertainment, curiosity, challenge.

Now let’s discuss the Red Balls.  Was it a bright shiny beach ball, a small dense bounce back paddle ball, or was it a mottled Christmas ornament?  Ask ten people to describe their Red Ball, and you will likely get 8 different descriptions.  This is also the value in the ancient phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

In business we want to BE the first to market, the first on a list in a phone book, first in sales and first in customer satisfaction.  So just how do you get to be the first thought or top of mind when someone thinks of your product or service? Do it like McDonalds and other well known brands.  Do it with repetition.  Hone your marketing plan to deliver a consistent message, brand and presence to the consumer, day in and day out.  Don’t let them rest.  Do it affordably, consistently, relentlessly.  And without a lot of effort.  Let our associates help you accomplish this position in your community.  Be the best, be the first.  Be top of mind.

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