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HUGE Sales – Small Budget

The idea for this is simple.  Put up a huge campaign, with huge traffic, huge reach and huge frequency.  That is our goal.  Big numbers of consumers to see your message and huge results are what we are after.  BUT, on a small budget, of course.

Most media is rather expensive to create the campaigns and businesses are challenged more each year with less money to apply effectively to marketing campaigns.  Lean and mean, more lean and mean, and finally all that is left is mean and budgets get reduced and reduced.

Focus on the lowest cost per showing.  Get the most repetitions for your money.  Build loyalty and awareness of the consumer over a long period of time.  Be a student of marketing and understand how and what the consumer wants.

Billboards offer a message directly to the people that have money enough to drive to and from each day and they offer the lowest cost per showing of any media.  Make them a cornerstone of your plan and build from there.  You will be surprised what an effective design in a campaign done over a long period of time can do for your success.

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