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What’s Your Marketing Plan?

We consistently ask small business owners some simple questions and a majority answer about the same way.  How do you answer these?

Q:  What does Your Marketing Plan say?  
A:   We don’t have one.
A:   We don’t know how to do one.
A:   We don’t have time for one.

Q:  What is your TOP selling product or service?  
A:   I don’t know.  (9 out of 10 tell us this)
A:   We don’t track that info.
A:   Why do you want to know?

Now that we’ve identified that either you may not have a marketing plan or may not know what you sell the most of, the reason we ask is that most people want to get their revenues or sales up.  So they need to advertise.  How are media folks intended to read your mind and just guess what it is that your need to sell or provide in order to make a profit?  So most simply throw money and the cutest girl sales star that comes in or spread a bunch out all across the board, hoping to score somewhere and not fully understanding what the true goal for long term success really is.

But they really don’t know what specifically to market and why.  Spend a little time on our Marketing 101 and the Resources area and understand how to develop a good plan.  We need to know because if you market something that nobody wants, you wasted you advertising dollars.  So we want to know so you will have success and profit from your efforts.  We also want to be a part of making you succeed, because we know what we do for you works.

For more information, assistance or advice, feel free to reach out to our professionals.

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