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Anna Bager
OAAA President & CEO

Out of Home Advertising Association of America

IBOUSA – as a networking group for independents – has developed a nice working relationship with Anna Bager and OAAA, our industry’s primary trade group.   A number of IBOUSA Associates also are members of OAAA, and by supporting them you will be contributing to the overall health and well being of the OOH Industry.

To benefit the industry, the two groups are cooperating to share information.  IBOUSA will navigate OAAA’s vast website (with OAAA’s permission), and then present summaries and links via the IBOUSA website.

Important issues and challenges affect all billboard companies, small and large.  The day is here whereby we need to cooperate to be successful in areas such as legal and safety.

OAAA and IBOUSA have a lot in common

A Forty-Year Look Back on Out Of Home Success

OAAA Advertiser Success Case Studies Graciously shared by OAAA as part of their PROOF OOH Works initiative.

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