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Heartland + IBO Providing Business Solutions

Heartland, a Global Payments Company has partnered with IBO to bring affordable solutions to some basic business functions, merchant services for payment processing and employee payroll services.   

Merchant Services – How it Works
PDF: IBO+How+Merchant+Services+Works

Payment Overview 
PDF: IBO+Heartland+Payment

Payroll Overview 
PDF: IBO+Heartland+Payroll

We expect that a billboard operator may save 50-70% off of their current processor.  Payroll services will take care of all reporting, filing and will free up a significant amount of time each month. 

Please note that your advertisers may also use these services.

When you would like to sign up, please click the Start the Process button to send us your contact information.  If you have questions, please contact Jerrod Hall, IBO ECFO at 580-226-2234 or email

Note:  You must Start the Process first so we can set up your access for the Sign Up Now button to function for you.

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