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Speedway Scoreboard

Becky Smith, Enterprise Manager that oversees the entire IBO environment, capitalizes on her years skill of teaching chemistry to students in a fun and simple way and brings clarity to the new terms and processes the buyers in OOH industry are driving upon us.

The chart below shows the webinars that you can access on demand to help you and your team understand some of the acronyms and nuances that are popularly read in the various publications.  Let us know if you’d like a topic covered!

OOH 101

 Webinar Topics Date     Description    Video    Materials
All About Programmatic  2022-06–30 Acronyms – DSPs, SSPs, CPM, OTS, LTS (OMG!) All About Programmatic Slides (MP4) All About Programmatic Slides (PDF)
Photos – Approach vs Glamor TBD      
Impressions & Audiences TBD      
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