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Welcome to our IBOUSA solution for affordable health benefits to address a need that most all of the companies we touch have had difficulty with over the years.  Sodality Health led by Scott Henderson assists us with the legalities and administration of the IBO Health program.  We launched in January of 2020 and will add features and programs as they become available and is available to ANY PERSON that supports or interacts with the OOH Industry!  This means we are able to provide not only your employees, but also the sole proprietors and subcontractors that you may use in your workflow, including installers, maintenance folks, designers, agencies, sales persons, etc.  We modified our IBO Market Club format to include all those in the industry that work with us.  We are able to include an applicant’s immediate family members as well.


1.  These programs are NOT sharing plans – straight health insurance.
2. These programs are affordable Wellness Plans plus Major Medical options.
3.  Use your IBO User Name (firstname.lastname) and Password for pricing.
4.  Other interested industry persons CONTACT US for credentials/interest.


General INFO

What to Expect

Wellness Plus

Plan A


Plan B

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