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NOTE:  You must
so we can set you up correctly in the system.

What to Expect in the IBO Health Process

You will need to START THE PROCESS to confirm your association with IBO and to get set up for final pricing.  Once you inform us that you are interested, we will enable the system for you.

  1. First off, with any of the items below, Contact Us either by phone 580-226-2234 or email with any questions.
  2. You must join as an associate of the IBO Market Club to participate, if you are not associated with us currently.  The annual fee of $140 for OOH Operator Companies includes many other services as well, unlimited employees or family members.  Here’s the application for billboard operators.  IBO Market Club Application
  3. For other types of companies that are NOT billboard operators, the annual fee is $50 for other non-operator companies like designers, installers, agencies, advertisers.  Here’s the application for these other companies.  IBO Market Club Application 
  4. Once we receive the application and we contact you with questions and to arrange your payment for the IBO Market Club fee, we will issue you login credentials.
    • Note: That if for any reason you decided not to participate, we will refund the IBO Market Club Application fee.
  5. Our IBO plan is and individual plan (and their immediate family members). 
  6. However, we can accommodate employer paid scenarios, the plan insurance agent must directly set you up given the complexities. (Do Not use the online enrollment button)
  7. After logging in, you will be able to see the Program Details and Options page links which will show the program benefits and options.Once you decide you wish to participate, the Individual Enroll Now button will work for you. 

Simple and straightforward!  Let us know how we can help.

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