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Call to Action

We may hear this phrase used a lot in the political world or in not-for-profit organizations to get the vote out or to rustle up volunteers.  In marketing, we want to give a reason to get the customer to make a decision to buy or to engage a service.  There are a number of ways to try it, depending on what product or service you have.

Consumers are extremely savvy these days, thanks to the internet and various shopping apps where you can simply scan in a bar code and find the best price anywhere.  Simply amazing indeed, but it does place us in a hard spot to compete in small markets with less than robust volumes.  Consumers simply don’t understand scale and why things are 2% cheaper in a city, say 100 miles and $50 in gasoline away.  So we must entice them, Call to Action.

Loss leaders are a traditional way to bring them in… Bacon for 50 cents a pound could be advertised knowing that most of the time people buy eggs and bagels to go with their bacon.  You’d advertise the special for TODAY ONLY for 50 cents a pound bacon and being a savvy business person, you might have had a bit better buy and therefore profit on the eggs and bagels.

Big discounts are a classic way to drag them in, such as the brilliant Black Friday and subsequent Cyber Monday.  Not participating in the high volume days and not providing the discounts may result in difficult financial performance as so many consumers save their pennies for such activities.  Plan you own Black-Friday like sales at different times on the year or at big holidays to Call ‘em in the doors.

Cross Promotions with complementary businesses are another way to get some Action.  A photocopy shop located in an out-of-the-way location may get tired of folks not knowing where they were located.  Why not team up with the popular ice cream shop with long lines of people.  Be brilliant, let the printer make a slew of flyers that simply may say “walk in our front door to get a free ice cream”.  Win-Win.  Get your business booming.

Discontinued Products or Services may be a temporary way to pull in some traffic for the products or services that are most desirable, but that may be on their way out or out of stock.  “Hurry to get your free dirt”, doesn’t work as well as “Free Gold Flakes Today” so you must finely tune your marketing plan accordingly.  Focus on the MOST POPULAR (what do you sell the most of?) item you sell, and consumers will clamor for your attention.

Have some fun with your pictures, promotions and campaigns.  Let us help you try some fun things we have had work well for years.  You’ll be amazed how well they work.

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