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Get Customers in the Door

“My sales are down”, “My advertising isn’t working” and “They’re not buying what I’m selling” are voices we’ve heard.  The economy can be tough at different times for all of us and we hear comments about slow sales and difficulty, yet at the same time, businesses that are offering what the customer wants are doing well.

Now’s the time to drill down and focus on our marketing plans, and the above quotes all have a common thread.  We’ve asked businesses what they sell the most (click) and only a few could quickly tell what their best seller was.  We all sell a variety of stuff, but in slow times, we have to do more homework.

Along the lines of using Customer Involvement (click), getting to know WHAT your customer wants is probably a more difficult challenge.  Study your sales, services, etc. and decide what you do the most of.  Then pile on the bennies.  Give ‘em what they want, get ‘em in your door.  Once they are there, they’ll do what they do best if you give ‘em the chance, shop and buy.  They’ll remember that and tell others too.

Here’s an example.  A Grandys restaurant owner broke some company records, repeat, BROKE RECORDS.  They are offered great value (specials/deals) for the comfort food that made the name famous.  They listened to their customers.  But surprise, surprise, when the customers get there, they are upsizing or upgrading to more expensive items too.  Hence the Whopper sales (pun intended).

We have figured out what our customers want, cheap advertising, lots of repetitions, and a shocking industry variation, great design.  Take some time to get to know what your customer wants and respond in kind.  They will treat you kindly as well.  Commerce is a win win scenario, and one we help each other, we’ll get past our tough times.  Go Get ‘em in the Door.

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