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Simple Management Solution

IBO has teamed up with the engineers at Apparatix to provide a software platform that allows small-to-medium-sized independent operators an easy-to-use, try-and-adopt software platform to move at their own pace of integration to best manage their billboard operations.  The decade-long experience set of business operational flow learned from some of the nation’s largest billboard operations has enabled Apparatix to fully test and understand the processes surrounding all aspects of managing a billboard operation. Their support-first model has been extended to IBO and our concern for the ease of operation and implementation of your business is paramount to us as well.

IBO Fuze Work Flow Solution

This solution is exclusively for both IBOUSA Operator Associates and IBO Market Club Affiliates.

Low Cost entry level allows operators to connect to the IBO services and Coop Marketing and prepare eProposal and  eOffers very professionally and quickly.  This module allows a busy operator to grow their account base details and manage their inventory details.  It will enable connection to the IBO COOP Marketing platform, and the system will be able to monitor availability with a minimal amount of oversight. 

This version is a lite version of Apparatix Standard but does not include the detailed and complex real estate lease management module.  Most notably, IBO Fuze Sales includes the conversion capability of eOffers to eContracts that automatically sets up billing and updates availability to the IBO COOP Marketing Platform.  It includes many of the most used functions of digital scheduling, posting work orders and invoicing connection to Quickbooks online as well as the most commonly used reports.  This module is designed for companies of a few hundred faces and that don’t need extensive assistance in the percentage rents area of real estate leasing.

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