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IBO Fuze Starter

We are excited to be rolling out in the near future our updated version of IBO Fuze Starter.  If you wish to participate in the digital IBO COOP platform buys or national RFP campaign buys, you must inquire about using this module.

This a very low-cost module that allows billboard operators to easily include their face information for the Cooperative Marketing Program with minimal technical expertise or effort.  We use this module as well to validate information to enable access to other IBO services and other Tech Programs.

Each operator will have a logon as part of the IBO Market Club or an IBOUSA Associate so they can easily manage their availability, photos and rates and generate eProposals and eOffers and we will have a way to identify availability as well.  

Please contact Daron Henry, or call  580-226-2234 for further instructions.

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