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This technology effort is the result of years of coordination with our software consultant and our various Operator/Vendor Associates.  IBOUSA announced the creation of an initiative to put the interests of their operator companies (IBO Associates) at the forefront of technical development and the IBO Fusion program was created at their Scottsdale conference in the spring of 2017.

The purpose of IBO Fusion was to bring the technology manufacturers together in a common sandbox to help guide the industry to develop hardware and software that would be complementary and allow the IBO Associates to operator their assets more easily and without penalty for selecting one manufacturer over another.  Apparatix Media Solutions was selected by IBOUSA to be the core engine of their IBO COOP Marketing effort late in 2014 and was selected to assist in the evaluation of technology that would be in the best interests of the IBO Associates. The initial effort evolved by creating the Apparatix Digital Manufacturer Certification (AdMac) standard whereby digital manufacturers agreed to support the agnostic accessibility of the Apparatix digital player software on any of their platforms, in essence allowing the IBO Associate to use the Apparatix Digital Scheduler used in their daily workflow to update any manufacturer seamlessly and with minimum effort.

The IBO Fusion initiative is fluidly progressing and evaluating many of the technologies that are new to the industry like mobile ad sales platforms, demand side buyer platforms, traditional buy side avenues and integrated sales tools to enhance efficiency and profitability.  One of the key areas of effort involves the standardization of data so that the technology can easily interact and communicate which is identified by industry experts as one of the areas holding back the overall growth of the revenues for the entire OOH space.


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