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IBO Tech Endorsement Program

Recent advancements in technology and the speed of delivery of data have created some challenges for small and medium sized Out of Home (OOH) companies to fully understand and evaluate all the data nuances being used in the OOH industry.  The skills and access required may not be in their field of expertise. IBOUSA serves as the cooperative manager for this growing list of IBO Associate Companies, and we will look to existing solutions and authorities to help us evaluate services which we will either offer to our IBO Associate Companies or endorse for their use.  

Any services in the traffic, mobile and audience measurement areas that applies, attains and continues to be audited and accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) will be allowed to display the IBO Endorsed logo. IBO endorsement allows a company the ability to become a sales channel partner, service provider or data provider for the IBO Associate Companies.  IBO will develop ongoing details of the program as technology evolves and will be published as links on this page.

IBO Endorsement Program is effective May 1st, 2020.  We intend to extend this designation to Providers of services and data in the traffic, mobile and audience measurement areas that apply to the OOH Industry.  Here’s a video link for MRC Cross-Media Measurement Standard top ten key points presented by MRC CEO George Ivie.

IBOUSA is a member of the decades old Media Rating Council.

For more information visit our IBO Endorsement Program Details page.

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