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IBO Tech Endorsement Program Details

While the area of technology in the traffic, mobile and audience measurement areas are rather complex, the industry standards that have been developed and in place for decades in some instances, provide a very good audit process to protect the proprietary genius of some companies along with the need for transparency, security and accountability.

IBO is a member of the Media Rating Council (MRC), and we sit on many of the digital audit committees for companies in this space.  As such, we have gained a tremendous appreciation for their process, rigor and outcomes.  This has given us confidence that we at IBO do not need to reinvent the wheel and simply allow the work of the MRC to seamlessly understand the activities of the service and data provider companies initially to attain accreditation and to monitor ongoing developments in technology as the landscape changes.  As members of the MRC, IBO will be able to monitor the process and sit on audit committees.  With this in mind, here are the steps.

  1. Contact Us to notify us of your intent and we can introduce you to the MRC staff.
  2. Contact MRC and set up an initial call to discuss the costs and process.
  3. Authorize MRC to let us know when you begin the process.
  4. Complete their accreditation process.
  5. When MRC publicly announces your success, your company will automatically earn the IBO Endorsement and may display the IBO Endorsement logo.
  6. Once your company has this endorsement, we will make the logo for your marketing use.
  7. You may announce your status and confidently communicate with our IBO Associate Companies.
  8. You may also be enabled to become a sales channel partner with us, depending on various unspecified terms.

These details may change at any time without notice.

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