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Workflow Comments

We are including some of the comments our users share with us which we think will help other folks that are considering using one of our workflow systems.  If you have a comment about how you have been helped and would like to display it here, please let us know.

Joseph Borges, Borges Media TX – “The IBO Team has been so helpful during the conversion and training process.  They never hesitate to accommodate me in any way that they can, from guiding me through a proposal minutes before a meeting I had with a prospective advertiser to assisting me in ways to maximize my digital slots, and beyond.  The support they offer is phenomenal.  I even tried to name my new digital packages after Kailee and Becky, however, they talked me out of it.” 

Charlie MacIntyre, Bullfrog Outdoor IN – “Prospecting and selling have always been the focus of my energy and administration was always second fiddle.  The team put the IBO Fuze Sales system in place and straightened things out for ole Bullfrog.  Proposals and invoicing are now sent on time and professionally presented.  This has allowed me to focus on what I do best and that is making new friends.The team at IBO is competent, professional, pleasant to deal with and focused on our shared goal, to make more money.

Haley Madden, Blackbird Media TN – “I hopped on… and used the help documentation, just figured it out for myself! I’m so glad to see the help pages expanding, so useful!”

Paige Crabill, Tristar Outdoor KS – “The digital scheduler through IBO Fuze has made my job so much easier! The scheduling system we were using before was easy, but it wasn’t compatible with Mac, which made uploading/scheduling kind of tedious. I would have to leave my computer every time I needed to change something and get on to a separate computer in our office. Now all I do is upload from my Mac, drag and drop, and I’m good to go! Not only is it convenient, but it’s also super user friendly.”

Bryan Javor GM & Co-Owner, Liberty Outdoor Advertising, Inc. – “I have become accustomed to an unusually high degree of quality, support, and turnaround from Chris, his staff, and the IBO in general. To say the least, I continue to be impressed.”

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